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The industry is moving beyond traditional fuel interactions, as fuel & convenience retailers are rethinking their business model. Flipping the model from “fuel plus…” to “…plus fuel”, they acknowledge that consumers primarily come for fresh food and drinks, and only secondary for filling up on fuel. This transition directly impacts the need for better engagement with consumers, quickly turning c-stores into the center of gravity for servicing consumers, paying for fuel and selling fresh & grocery items, coffee and other services.

Fuel and Convenience


million transactions

"Diebold Nixdorf handles over 80 million transactions every day, servicing the top-10 global Fortune 500 petroleum companies."

Convenient and Fast C-Store Operations

Vynamic FCx software includes a proven and reliable POS system, letting you manage the daily operations of your forecourt and c-store via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. With Vynamic FCx, you have the choice to run everything in the cloud or on-premise. In addition, your operations can be enhanced with self-checkout (SCO) capabilities, allowing consumers to self-order and pay for their coffee, snacks and grocery items.

Full Control Over Your Forecourt

For petrol companies, accurate handling of the forecourt processes is essential for reasons of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE), legal & fiscal compliance and – of course - profitability. With Vynamic FCx, service stations can manage their entire forecourt infrastructure including fuel dispensers, wet stock levels, outdoor payment terminals (OPT) and car wash area through one single user interface. Supporting International Forecourt Standards (IFSF) and having proven partnerships with all major forecourt controllers, we guarantee full control and visibility over your (unmanned) forecourt operations.

More Personal and More Self-Service for Today’s Consumers

Personalized promotions and loyalty rewards increase basket size and keep consumers coming back for more, while offering vital analytics and insights about your day-to-day business – and where to improve next. Supported by Vynamic FCx, we help you collect and analyze consumer data to gain deeper customer insights at the pump and in the c-store.
In addition to making your business more personal, Vynamic FCx also helps to make it more efficient, by offering an integrated self-checkout (SCO) solution for c-stores that allow consumers to self-scan & pay for their own purchases.

Harmonize Your Payment Infrastructure Across All Touchpoints

With Vynamic FCx software you can move from a complex, costly and hard-to-manage payment infrastructure to a single, secure and integrated payment solution for all service stations and c-stores in your network.
Vynamic FCx software is fully PCI compliant, supports all common payment schemes out-of-the-box, including cash payments, EMV, credit card & fleet card payments, mobile payments, vouchers, gift cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and tap-and-pay based on NFC. With a unified cloud-based solution to manage all payment devices in your network, it consolidates your entire back-end payment infrastructure while augmenting your agility in integrating new touchpoints and payment schemes in the future.

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