Vynamic® Connection Points

Connect the Dots in Your Consumers’ Journeys

Improve the consumer experience with Vynamic Connection Points and create seamless, personal connections across the physical and digital channels of today and tomorrow. With integrated software that drives real-time connections between channels and touchpoints, you can build a “store for one” and ensure consumers can complete their purchase every time, everywhere.


of retailers

"admit that the new ways consumers shop today demand new investments in IT."

Source: RSR Research, February 2018

Harmonize Your Sales Channels

Connect with consumers the way they prefer. With Vynamic Checkout solutions, you’ll have a solid foundation in place for delivering consistent cross-channel consumer experiences. Together with the Vynamic Operations solutions, you can run your retail business in a connected and harmonized way across all your touchpoints, and at the lowest possible cost.

Benefit From Future-Ready, Integrated POS Solutions

Turn your traditional point-of-sale into a point-of-service, and put your consumers at the heart of your retail business. Vynamic POS ensures the best possible consumer experience within and beyond your store's physical walls. Based on an open, service-oriented architecture, Vynamic POS provides future-proof and smart business logic and seamlessly integrates with any IT infrastructure, ensuring a seamless, consistent consumer experience. With Vynamic POS, your retail organization can reduce the total cost of ownership, and instead invest in value added activities to drive international growth. Paired with our end-to-end services and preconfigured retail templates, we enable the deployment, availability and operations of retailers’ store IT – in over 90 countries, based on the same high-quality standards.

Improve Efficiency with Self-Service Checkout

Consumers are looking for increased speed and convenience when it comes to checking out and paying for their goods. With Vynamic Personal Shopper we cater to mobile shopping journeys allowing consumers to scan their own items on-the-go, either using personal shopping devices or the consumer’s smartphone (BYOD). For all stationary self-checkout scenarios we offer a software solution that easily integrates with existing POS applications. Vynamic Self-Service is a market-, process and platform-independent framework that enables POS applications to operate through a standard interface, with strict separation of POS business logic and the solution's user interface logic.

Drive Superior Consumer Service with Mobile Solutions

Provide your sales staff with all information needed to serve consumers best wherever they are in the store and beyond. With Vynamic mobility solutions, you can stay connected with consumers all the time and provide them with relevant and actual information and services whenever and wherever needed.


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