Convenient Fuel Retailing with Vynamic® FCx Software

Vynamic FCx streamlines your forecourt and c-store operations. Combining online with offline, and with dedicated cloud services for convenience and food-2-go, Vynamic FCx lets you adapt to new consumer trends quickly. Thanks to open APIs, it fits into existing forecourt and store infrastructures seamlessly. Vynamic FCx supports the International Forecourt Standards and all major forecourt controllers, for optimal control over your forecourt operations.

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Fuel Convenience
Vynamic Retail Platform

Vynamic Retail Platform – What’s Inside

Vynamic Retail Platform offers connected, flexible, and efficient shopping experiences for retailers and customers. Based on an API first design and a set of modular microservices, you’ll have the flexibility you need to grow your business.

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Essential Package

Everything you need to manage your forecourt and fuel business network-and more!


Convenience Package

Real-time visibility into sales and inventory data, and full support for your B2B customers.


Food-2-Go Package

Integrated cloud services for recipe management, ingredients stock control and selling combo menus.


Retail Management

Manage all your processes in-store and in the back office with a single software solution.

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Fiscal Compliance

Ensure full legal and fiscal compliancy across all stores around the globe.

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Solution Card

Vynamic Retail Platform is a cloud-native software solution specifically built for your retail needs.

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