Maintenance Services for Retail

Smart Field Engineering for Optimal First-Time Fix Rates – All Delivered on a Global Base while Matching Your Local Needs.

Maintenance Services

Need quick and efficient on-site resolution?

Driven by AI and integrated tools, our field engineers are ready to support your critical infrastructure, managed self-service, mobile devices and retail store checkout across multivendor store touchpoints.

With our Maintenance Services for Retail, we ensure that your store operations are up and running by:
• Providing our field engineers with the right mix of technology and device information
• Having global access and availability to the required spare parts and equipment
• Employing a 90% first time fix-rate

Reactive Maintenance Services

Through optimal resource application, we efficiently identify root cause and enrich support call data.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Based on the smart data, scheduled maintenance service activities are performed within an already booked service call.


Predictive Maintenance Services

Using machine learning to anticipate an impending failure and fix it before it occurs.

Global SWAP Services

Keep maintenance fast and easy with our cloud-based Swap Services. Pre-installed and ready for immediate use, we enable you to effortlessly offer fully seamless customer experiences.


Standardized and Scalable Services

Managing critical retail processes through implementation, maintenance, support, operations and application services.

Implementation Services for Retail

Harmonizing diverse IT landscapes, reducing industry complexities and managing the multivendor ecosystem with the right retail experience and resources.


Maintenance Services for Retail

Our team is ready to leverage artificial intelligence for smart prescriptive, predictive and preventative onsite resolution.


Support Services for Retail

A single service desk that takes care of your entire stores end-to-end. Data-driven services support fast incident resolution and efficient support for your stores 24/7.


Operations Services for Retail

Comprehensively track the services performed on your stationary and mobile endpoints with our all-in-one solution.


Application Services for Retail

Our industry-leading team assesses application performance and facilitates ongoing deployments and upgrades.

Managed Services

Managed Key Retail Processes

Empowering your store staff with the right technology can have its challenges. To succeed, you must offer best in-store customer experiences.


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