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Application Services

We proactively monitor and manage business applications (such as checkout) on all your retail endpoints—including mobile. While retail staff focus on core capabilities and customer service, our industry-leading team assesses application performance and facilitates ongoing deployments and upgrades, resulting in minimized failure rates, reduced data loss and enhanced store productivity.



""The initial investment in hardware, software and other mobile tools only represents 27% of total costs over the life of the product.""

Source: TCO Models for Moblile Computing and Communications Platforma, VDC Research Group

Application Deployment

This service prepares for and deploys ready-packaged applications and maintains consistency of application versions running on endpoints in your ecosystem. Application Deployment ensures the smooth transition of new or updated software. Failure rates are minimized through pre-deployment assessment within a test environment. Remote Management includes software distribution and scheduling functionalities, Data Moving Services for scheduled and automatic file transfers, participation in the release process, software disk resource usage data collection and reporting.
Service Performance Measurement is built into the delivery of deployment management, with established KPIs analyzed and included in the portal dashboard for continuous service improvement.

Application Operations

These services ensure the health of business applications and resolve issues that could threaten performance and availability. We establish an agent software and processing infrastructure to receive status information from your retail endpoints. Monitoring discovers and alerts you to issues, often before you’ve even noticed them. The transport of status and event information is encrypted to ensure data security.
Remote Monitoring, available for DN and multivendor software, assesses the health of applications in real time and identifies emerging or potential issues.
Service Performance Measurement establishes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with you. This ongoing measurement is included in the portal panel dashboard.

Application Management

Tailored to your retail organization's specific needs, our Application Management service governs the provision and operation of central IT infrastructure, operated from a centralized location (rather than the store or site level), and software management for Diebold Nixdorf retail applications. It ensures that the infrastructure and applications are kept in operation and perform as designed.


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