Dave and Busters

Case Study: Kiosk Upgrades Fast-Forward the Fun at Dave & Buster’s

March 16, 2022  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

The Dave & Buster’s team tested the waters by upgrading a pilot store’s legacy order-and-payment hardware and software with modern, intuitive, 32” kiosks. Their initial goal was to offer guests more control over their experience so they could enjoy the venue in their own way, a strategy to drive long-term loyalty. As a result, Dave & Buster’s saw a major increase in “fun” at the interactive kiosks in their pilot stores. The success of that pilot across their key metrics led them to roll out the pilot to an additional 60 stores.

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With our new kiosk system, we expect to improve the customer experience and increase our efficiency. We are very impressed by the quality and design of the hardware and total solution Diebold Nixdorf delivered.

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Customer Journeys Demand Openness

Open APIs from Diebold Nixdorf made it possible to run a self-service solution on top of D&B's current POS deployment. This flexible setup allowed them to adapt their customer journeys using non-programming configurations and allowing easy configuration of UIs that reflect D&B's brand identity.


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