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Blog: The Topic of the Time is Retail Sustainability

Efficient, optimized checkout solutions can underpin sustainability initiatives, especially when they’re designed with sustainability at the forefront throughout every phase of the product lifecycle—from product planning, development, production, logistics, operation, service and maintenance to POS.

Video: Self-Service Kiosks Create A Winning Feeling for Everyone at Dave and Buster’s
Video: Self-Service Kiosks Create A Winning Feeling for Everyone at Dave and Buster’s

Watch how a highly flexible self-service solutions allow guests to purchase and reload Dave and Buster’s Power Cards® while ordering food and drinks.

Case Study: Kiosk Upgrades Fast-Forward the Fun at Dave & Buster’s

Learn how Dave & Buster's partnered with Diebold Nixdorf to deliver a new kiosk solution that offers a fresh approach to guest and team members.

Blog: Retail mobile journeys: a smarter shopping experience for customers and associates

When it comes to the future of retail shopping, enabling mobile journeys is the next step forward—with store-owned personal shopping devices playing a central role in enticing, exciting and engaging consumers.

Video: The All-Checkout Print Solution
Video: The All-Checkout Print Solution

The P1200 is a versatile thermal printer designed to fit not only in POS but also in self-service and kiosk environments. Its modern design, combined with the most efficient electronics, allows for one of the highest printing speeds and most reliable solutions on the market

Blog: Are You Ready to Make Manual Age Verification Checks a Thing of the Past?

In Self-Checkout, 25% of the interruptions are caused by age-restricted items. In general, it took staff 2 -to 3 minutes to resolve an interruption. This has a detrimental effect on customer acceptance and customer confidence in self-checkout solutions. In this blog, find out how Diebold Nixdorf can help reduce or eliminate these disruptions to lead to higher customer satisfaction, shorter queues and lower staffing costs.

Video: Managed Self-Services: DN AllConnect Services for Retail
Video: Managed Self-Services: DN AllConnect Services for Retail

Leveraging proactive and AI-based predictive capabilities, our team acts as a Single Point of Contact for your global operations and ensures the highest availability at the lowest TCO.

Blog: It’s Time to Connect the Dots Between Journeys, Stores and Operations

Success in retail requires retailers to keep a close eye on many aspects of the shopping process. What is needed is an integrated approach where journeys, stores and business operations are managed together as a whole – and where changing one part of the equation will immediately impact the other parts.

Case Study: Advancing the Self-Service Journey with Customer-Centric Check-Out Technology

Learn how tegut partnered with Diebold Nixdorf during a recent expansion phase to create a strategic, comprehensive approach to modern checkout.

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