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Blog: The New Age of Teller Automation

September 18, 2023  |  EDILBERTO CARRIONI

Fast, fully automated teller cash recyclers, like the compact DN Series® 600V, provide reliable, accurate note handling and authentication. As it is based on our industry-leading RM4V technology you benefit from the high availability, and security you are used to while simplifying branch processes and reducing the need for training.
If there is one trend that has been continuing for years in the financial services industry across the globe, it’s the pressure to maximize operational efficiency. As such, digital channels and payment methods have been growing in importance. However, many consumers express that for them the most comfortable way to interact with their bank is through a mix of touchpoints. They demand a seamless experience across all channels and that includes the teller. 

“We see a strong migration to digital, but 57% of consumers still visit the branch tellers at least once per month for standard transactions.”1

This continued popularity of the teller can offer benefits to financial institutions, if they play their cards right: Due to the rising number of digital touchpoints the number of in-person interactions with the bank has reduced – along with the opportunities for relationship building and upselling. Meanwhile, long wait times at branches was one of the top four frustrations U.S. consumers expressed with their primary financial services provider in 20222. Consequently, a visit at the teller has become a rare opportunity, and financial institutions should design them to be as comfortable as possible to take full advantage of them. The easiest way to do so is by automating the cash handling at the teller with a teller cash recycler (TCR) device. 

  • 90% of transactions can be automated through teller automation solutions, delivering a faster and smoother experience in the branch – both for consumers and staff.

  • While the machine takes care of the cash handling, your staff can focus on cross- or up-selling your products. Did you know that the conversion rate of human-to-human interactions is 85%?

  • A teller using a TCR can generate 1.5 times as much throughput as one who does so manually. Also, it reduces the need for vault activities by as much as 80%.

  • Stored in an actual safe instead of a cash drawer the cash is also more secure, which,  makes your staff and customers safer. Thanks to the capabilities of modern bill validators, you are also safer from counterfeits and internal fraud.

  • And this isn’t just theoretical. Teller cash recyclers have been in use for years and are installed in 75% of branches in the United States. In a survey from 2022, 59% of the interviewed bank executives expressed that TCRs were critical for their branch strategy and offered several benefits regarding their operational efficiency, thanks to greatly reduced vault activities, lower costs per transaction and a decreased FTE count. Other benefits improved the customer experience thanks to increased convenience and more time for advisory conversations.3

    Modern TCR devices are flexible equipment that can be easily adapted to reflect different roles, depending on your branch concept. While many branches may start with a single teller cash recycler per branch that is centrally located behind the teller line, in more open concepts they are installed in teller pods. Here all cash is stored securely inside the TCR but easily accessible for the staff if needed. And despite being a teller cash recycler, these devices can also be customer facing like an ATM. It all depends on your branch strategy. 

    Determining the optimal number and deployment type depends on a variety of factors like the volume and staffing of the branch, the operating model you are aiming for, the size and design of the branch and the benefits you want to realize by using a TCR. It may even change over time. So, regularly evaluating and adapting your strategy will ensure you get the largest possible reward. 

    This is especially true when you combine a high-performing device with integrated software and services for a fully integrated cash management cycle. Ideally, your teller cash recycler should also be compatible with your ATMs, so you can switch around full or depleted cassettes from one to the other without the need for costly CIT interventions. 

    The DN Series® 600V is the first teller cash recycler of the DN Series family.
  • It’s based on the same globally proven, industry leading RM4V technology. Building on more than 25 years of experience in cash recycling.

  • The DN 600V offers the same high capacity, availability, and security as its ATM cousins as it is based on the same designs and built from the same components.

  • It uses the same high-capacity cassettes as our ATMs that are equipped with the RM4V recycling engine: Single recycling cassettes with a capacity of up to 3,500 notes and dual recycling cassettes with an overall capacity of 2,500 notes (1,500 in the upper, 1,000 in the lower compartment). All have the same outside measurements and can be switched easily if a new configuration calls for it – no additional hardware changes required. Just pull one out and drop the new one in.

  • Handling and service steps remain the same, so there is no need for extensive retraining of your staff and CIT operatives if they are already familiar with the RM4V.

  • Powered by DN AllConnectSM Data Engine, its configuration is easily scalable and adaptable to optimize your cash storage.

  • Improve the efficiency of your DN Series TCR by uploading Vynamic® software or outsource the management to DN AllConnect ServicesSM.

  • Want to move your tellers to the new age of teller automation? Schedule a session with our Advisory Services team to evaluate what approach will work best for your branch.

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