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Blog: AI - Transforming Retail with a Personal Touch

February 26, 2024  |  MATT REDWOOD

Retailers today face innumerable challenges in a multifaceted and ever-evolving industry landscape. Whether the ongoing labor crisis, supply chain disruptions, or inflationary pressures, retailers must seek solutions aiming at the dual purpose of efficiency gains and enhanced customer experiences. 

Last year will forever be remembered as the year AI–particularly generative AI–burst onto the scene in a way that sparked public imagination and debate. In the retail industry, AI offers transformative solutions to help redefine what the in-store experience means.

At Diebold Nixdorf, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that transformation. Our AI platform offers a revolutionary approach to retail engagement by integrating all the varying elements that make up a cohesive, seamless, and memorable in-store experience. From checkouts to consumer devices and more, our unified, adaptive system ensures more deeply personal shopping journeys. 

In other words, it is with AI that the intimacy and charm of the in-store experience can be married with the algorithmic personalization of eCommerce. When it comes to innovation, Diebold Nixdorf doesn’t stop there, however. 

We offer a range of solutions aimed at enhancing that retail experience, from facial recognition for automated age verification, to advanced item scanning with auto-ID functionality that makes checkout a breeze, to shrink reduction measures. These technologies contribute to a much-needed streamlining of major in-store customer touchpoints such as checkout. 

Our comprehensive shrinkage-prevention solution, meanwhile, leverages AI via Vynamic® Smart Vision to address–and prevent–theft and fraud. The system does so in a ‘smart’ way designed to distinguish between accidental and intentional acts, ensuring that customers are not inadvertently alienated by a false, automated accusation.

As we collectively move forward into 2024 as an industry, AI's role in retail will undoubtedly continue to grow. To explore how AI is shaping the retail industry's future, download our latest industry report.

Delve deeper into these insights and explore the power of DN’s AI Platform and how it can revolutionize your stores.


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