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Blog: Transforming Mobility Hub Through Advanced Self-Service

Experience the transformation of the fuel and convenience retail industry as it evolves into mobility hubs catering to evolving consumer preferences. Discover how self-service solutions are reshaping consumer interactions, offering convenience beyond refueling vehicles. With innovations like self-ordering terminals and AI integrations, retailers are empowering consumers to take control of their mobility experiences while streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Video: C&A Debuts Seamless Self-Checkout Technology From Diebold Nixdorf
Video: C&A Debuts Seamless Self-Checkout Technology From Diebold Nixdorf

C&A is ready for the runway and pioneer’s new self-checkout technology into its Hamburg stores. The fashion retailer successfully integrated modular DN Series® EASY ONE self-checkout solutions to support maximum flexibility during the customer journey.

Blog: A Flexible Future for Self-Service in Retail

In the rapidly evolving retail environment, retailers need new systems to meet consumers' needs and future-proof their infrastructure for new checkout and shopping methods. DN Series®EASY ONE enables them to fine-tune customer experiences, seamlessly integrate into their store workflow, and easily support new upgrades.

Blog: AI to Combat Shrink in Retail

Retailers in Germany witnessed a 150% increase in self-checkout. While self-service technology provides convenience, it also pose challenges such as inventory discrepancies. Discover how Diebold Nixdorf's innovative AI-powered solution is revolutionizing self-service operations and combating fraud.

Case Study: Besserer Kundenservice, mehr Umsatz: Selbstbedienungslösungen ermöglichen viele Vorteile in den Kinos von Cineplex

Erfahren Sie, wie Cineplex mit Self-Service Lösungen von Diebold Nixdorf die Kundenzufriedenheit verbessert und den Umsatz erhöht.

Blog: AI - Transforming Retail with a Personal Touch

Today’s retailers navigate a complex landscape with a myriad of challenges like labor shortages and inflationary pressures. Discover how retailers can use AI to create a cohesive in-store experience – from checkouts to consumer devices and more.

Blog: Embrace an Open and Flexible Self-Service Customer Journey

To thrive in the competitive retail environment, retailers must adopt an open-platform approach to streamline processes and support faster innovations.

Video: EDEKA Jaeger Transforms 24/7 Shopping Through Self-Service
Video: EDEKA Jaeger Transforms 24/7 Shopping Through Self-Service

Discover the future of convenience in the 24/7 self-service store concept for EDEKA Jaeger at the Stuttgart airport. Learn how Diebold Nixdorf's cutting-edge technology, powered through our self-checkout solutions, optimized the shopping experience for its customers during and outside of peak hours.

Blog: Convenience Stores, Quick-Service Restaurants and Fuel Stations are Blending Together More and More

Fuel and convenience retailers want to create seamless, self-service-driven experiences for fueling, charging, shopping, dining and more with solutions that connect all segments, enabling flexible deployments.

Blog: Building the Connected Forecourt of Tomorrow

The role of the fuel station has quickly emerged from a ‘petrol dispensing area’ to an access point for a whole range of convenience services that make customers’ lives easier. Learn how the forecourt plays a key role in improving the customer experience and opertional efficiency of a gas station.

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