ProView™ Operations Suite

ProView™ Operations Suite

Monitor. Automate. Optimize. 

Today’s consumers expect “anytime, anywhere” access from the self-service channel, leaving financial institutions with the
challenge of optimizing availability without driving up costs. For many FIs, this challenge can quickly become overwhelming.
With end-to-end management and remote-resolution capability, ProView™ Operations Suite delivers consistent, reliable
operation across any size fleet, and not just ATMs.

  • Monitoring customers report beyond 99 percent availability.1

  • Resolves on average 35% of software issues automatically, and 99% without a local visit.2

  • 78% of FIs either track fleet assets manually, rely on hardware vendors or simply don't have a good picture of their ATM inventory.3

  • A recent study on ATM management revealed that 85% of FIs implement some sort of software update monthly or on a more frequent basis.4

ProView Operations Suite is a comprehensive solution for the remote monitoring, administration, automation and
availability optimization of multi-vendor systems in banking and retail networks; and offers the following components:

  • ProView Availability Monitoring & Management

    Provides, via an agent, remote status monitoring and notification for real-time problem detection, diagnosis and resolution.

  • ProView Business Intelligence

    Leverages data from events throughout the fleet for analysis and optimization of business priorities.

  • ProView Incident Manager

    Automates the ticketing process and tracks the service call, including ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLA's) as are being met and reoccurring problems are identified and addressed.

  • ProView Inventory Manager

    Allows the collection and reporting of installed software, firmware, hardware and monitors their changes.

  • ProView Security Manager

    A special communication package designed to work with our Terminal Security Suite. Fraud detection based on event patterns and event correlation and BIOS password management complement the functions.

  • ProView Software Manager

    Automates the software distribution process and schedules software patches (or images) to the terminal.



1 2014 ATM monitoring and management: maximizing uptime and minimizing costs

2 Diebold Nixdorf

3 2015 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends

4 Commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Diebold, November 2015

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