Service speed is a crucial element that influences consumer satisfaction and improve sales. Therefore retailers focus on versatile, tailored solutions that can easily be adapted to changing business needs and consumer demands. With BEETLE /iSCAN EASY eXpress by Diebold Nixdorf, retailers have the opportunity to use it as a self-service checkout solution for speedier customer transactions and shorter lanes, or as a kiosk solution for order taking, service, additional product information or ticket and lottery sales.

Additional Information

Features & Benefits


  • Built for 24/7 operation, the BEETLE /iSCAN EASY eXpress offers flexible configuration options, making it the perfect solution for businesses that require tailored solutions
  • Meets the needs of on-the-go customers with fast, convenient card and NFC payment options
  • Maximizes sales space with a compact physical footprint
  • Use of latest ePOS technology, that offers excellent scalability with the capability to adapt to the constantly changing retail business requirements


  • Easy integration in IT system landscapes with maximum flexibility
  • Tailored services enable efficient deployment of solutions and the highest possible system availability and security
  • Flexible, modular design that reinforces the visual brand identity with a variety of color-customization options


System components

  • BEETLE system
  • Touch screen 
  • Barcode scanner
  • Printer
  • Diverse non-cash payment options



  • Supports diverse operating systems
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface

Services (optional):

  • Global Deployment Services
  • Availability Services
  • Operational Services
  • Automated processing of cashless transactions
The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.
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