Mobile Retail Solutions

The Future of Retail is Mobile

Offering mobile digital solutions provides retail associates up-to-date information in real-time while also allowing for high-end customer service resulting in returning customers that spend more during their shopping trips.

Let Diebold Nixdorf show you how to best integrate these Mobile Journeys into your existing retail environments, and how we can monitor customer interactions with our Mobile Services to allow for high availability as well as gain valuable insights using our Mobile Software offerings.

Mobile Journey

Together with a variety of trusted partners we will find the best mobile solution for your store – no matter which industry you’re in or which journey you want to digitize.


Mobile Software

Vynamic® Personal Shopper can easily be integrated into existing loyalty, e-commerce and checkout systems or Vynamic Smart Assist provides real-time status updates to associates journeys with touchpoints and transactions anytime, anywhere, in-store, on any device.


Mobile Services

With Managed Mobility Services you can proactively monitor your mobile ecosystem before hick-ups happen.



of associates

"say that technology helps them provide a safer and better experience for shoppers"

Source: IHL Group, 2021 Retail Experience Market Study Store Matters – How Retail Still Runs Through Local Stores Even in Digital Age Authors : Lee Holman, Greg Buzek, January 2021

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