The Shift From "Fuel-Plus" to "Plus-Fuel"

The Fuel & Convenience Retail industry is changing fast. Although the number of c-stores is rising, fossil fuel consumption is declining. Retailers who rely on outdated business models simply won’t be able to drive profits—or growth. Now is the time to move from a “fuel-plus …” model that focuses mostly on the forecourt, to a “… plus-fuel” model that serves emerging consumer demands for on-the-go food and quick shopping.


of fuel retailers

"consider digital disruption a powerful ally."

Accenture Fuel Retail Survey, 2018

Convenience is Booming!

Over 53,000 new c-stores are expected to open their doors over the next five years. Urbanization, e-commerce and declining household sizes have changed the way consumers shop. Their proximity to urban areas make c-stores the perfect candidates for new services, from “click & collect” items to quick-service food offerings. Consumers crave personal, convenient, fast service. Innovations like self-service food ordering kiosks, self-checkout counters, mobile payments and real-time personalized offers all contribute to a great in-store experience—and can help your retail organization make the shift to a new, more future-proof model.

Food Ordering, Done Differently

Today’s consumers are looking for an upmarket grocery experience in the c-store: Healthy, fresh produce, a well-curated, quality assortment, barista-style coffee and a range of freshly-prepared hot meals. They’re also looking for convenient ways to order. Our kiosks empower your consumers to both order and pay directly through the self-service terminal, encouraging bigger baskets and eliminating walk-aways due to long lines. Plus, you get the flexibility to adjust menus based on your consumers’ purchase history or time of day.

Self-Checkout That Does More

C-store self-checkout is gaining ground rapidly, and for good reason. It offers 24/7, ‘always-on’ checkout service to your consumers while eliminating queues. Personalizing the shopping experience, it gives real-time recommendations based on consumer profiles and purchase history. Vynamic™ FCx Self-Checkout, designed exclusively for the fuel and convenience industry, enables your consumers to combine custom food orders with self-service checkout of convenience items all-in-one! It is compact, easy to implement and 100% independent from POS systems. It supports all major payment types including cash, cards and mobile payments. With Diebold Nixdorf self-checkout, your staff can now can go the extra mile helping your consumers!

Drive Loyalty with More Personalized Interactions

Not only are your consumers looking for high-quality food service and fast checkout, in today’s on-demand world they’re also seeking the personalized, tailor-made service they’ve grown accustomed to online. The fact of the matter is, nothing beats personalization when it comes to engagement. DN Vynamic software offers you all the tools you need to deliver data-driven, personalized promotions at exactly the right time and place – in store, on-the-go or at home. Deliver unique, unexpected moments of delight that will keep your consumers coming back for more.

Flexible Pay-at-the-Pump Options

Did you know that 50% of fuel customers say the types of payment options available at the pump are a critical factor in deciding where to fuel? Making it easy for your consumers to pay how they want is key—at the pump or in-store. Yet the jungle of payment types, acquirers, banks, regulations and payment solutions can make it a challenge. With Vynamic FCx Payments, you get a highly flexible, hardware- and POS-independent solution that allows you to establish a single payment gateway for all acquirer and digital payment methods including EMV, mobile and e-commerce. Drive down transaction fees by enabling cross-border acquiring with a single solution managing all terminals, BIN table ranges and payment schemes securely and fast.

Streamline Forecourt and C-Store Operations

Did you know that 3% of sales in c-stores are lost due to operational issues? Sold-outs, items over their expiry date, sub-optimal price management and a constant challenge to retain staff cost fuel retailers millions of dollars each year. Our store automation solutions help you overcome these challenges with a single user-friendly solution that enables you to streamline all forecourt and c-store operations, managing stores, clusters and store networks across multiple markets. Imagine what you could do with proper fuel stock management and reconciliation, optimal c-item inventories, smart supplier management and flexible ways to adjust retail prices across a cluster of stores during the day. Fully cloud-enabled, you save time and money—now and in the future—to run and maintain your end-to-end store processes.

Connected Commerce: The Benefits of Strategic Partnerships

For fuel and convenience retailers, the primary reason to enter into strategic partnerships is to access innovation and new digital technologies. Vynamic FCx is a services-based, open retailing platform that enables you to quickly onboard new technologies in your c-stores and connect with digital solution partners. With a set of cloud-native, services-based solutions, you can implement a truly connected experience spanning POS, back-office, self-checkout, loyalty, payments and digital solutions, leveraging existing investments in hardware and software while welcoming tomorrow’s partnerships and technologies at the same time.

Services Support Wherever, Whenever You Need It

Optimizing fuel stations requires a well-thought-through approach. For over 30 years, we have offered end-to-end support to fuel and convenience retailers around the globe, supporting them in managing, growing and transforming their businesses with a select range of flexible, integrated software, hardware and services solutions. Active in more than 130 countries, DN AllConnect Services℠ offers a holistic, comprehensive approach to managing everything from individual touchpoints to your entire service station's transformation.



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