The Future of Retail is Customer Engagement

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Minor adjustments in campaigns often prove to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Loyalty tools are fragmented, and modernizing the infrastructure can be a nightmare. Those challenges can make it hard to engage with customers the way they want.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cloud loyalty platforms—delivered “as a service” and using open APIs to connect with what’s already in place—let you upgrade your loyalty infrastructure step-by-step, leveraging software and hardware already in place. Future-proof and with full support for IoT devices, digital apps and social media. So that you can deliver the best personalized offers wherever—whenever.

Get more out of your loyalty campaigns. Harness the power of Vynamic® Engage.


of consumers

"Visit their retailers' websites before shopping in store"

Source: Nielsen Survey, 2019

Openness Paper

Learn how openness will be the guiding principle for retailers to evolve with the ever changing consumer journey


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Refuse to be held hostage by your IT supplier—demand true flexibility in checkout solutions!


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Being successful in retail is all about delivering personalized experiences to consumers, both in-store and online. Vynamic™ Engage can help your retail organization address consumers’ individual needs and brand preferences, with new and smart ways to engage with each individual consumer, at every step of the consumer journey.


Engage More Deeply with Your Consumers with Vynamic Engage

Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience. With Vynamic™ software, you will have all the tools needed to use the right data at the right time, in order to deliver unique, unexpected moments of delight that will keep consumers coming back for more.