Vynamic™ Engagement

Engage More Deeply with Your Consumers
Become an Irresistible Brand  


Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience, with services tailored to their wants and needs. With our
Vynamic Engagement suite, you have all the tools you need to harness the right data at the right time, in order to
deliver unique, unexpected moments of delight that will keep consumers coming back for more.

  • Turn Consumers into Loyal Brand Advocates

    The Vynamic Marketing solutions allow you to deliver personalized, convenient consumer experiences across all channels. With a single view of all consumer activities, you can offer personalized programs and campaigns that engage with consumers wherever they are. Leave your existing IT infrastructure in place, while boosting both consumer loyalty and consumer spending.

  • Delight Consumers with Mobile Clienteling

    Delight each consumer with personalized engagements powered by insights about their preferences and purchase history delivered through our connected commerce solutions. This allows sales staff to guide consumers in order to make the best purchase decisions and turn shopping into a truly personal experience again.

  • Understand What Drives Each Consumer’s Behavior

    Actionable insights into consumer behavior are critically important to crafting a highly personalized “store-for-one” experience. They’re also essential to building lasting personal relationships. Based on proven analytical models that gather, correlate and analyze data from across various channels, Vynamic Insights delivers accurate information that help you understand and respond to changing consumer behavior.

  • Close the Marketing Loop

    Extend your reach into the pre-purchase phase of the consumer journey through early engagements with consumers, and increase footfall to your stores. With our demand-generating solutions, you can close the marketing loop from advertisement to purchase transaction, attributing sales directly to marketing dollars spent! Connect with consumers across all digital touchpoints – at home, on-the-go and in store, measure the effectiveness of marketing dollars spent on each targeted promotion, and optimize campaigns based on real-time actionable insights.

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