Vynamic™ Analytics

Analyze and Understand What Drives Consumer’s Behavior


Actionable insights into consumer behavior are critically important to crafting a highly personalized experience.
They’re also essential to building lasting personal relationships. Based on our proven analytical models that gather,
correlate and analyze data from across various channels, our Vynamic Analytics suite delivers accurate insights that
help you understand and respond to changing consumer behavior.

  • Gain Crystal-Clear Insight into Business Performance

    Picking up on the right trend at the right time can make the difference between a boost in revenues and unmovable stock in your warehouses―but how do you separate the signal from the noise? By replacing multiple processes, systems and KPI definitions with our analytics solution, your business will gain a single source of truth, with up-to-date information from both the head office and all sales channels. Using meaningful sales dashboards and charts, retailers can visualize and quickly drill down into the details of consumer behavior and sales staff performance.

  • Prevent Fraud with Scheduled Transaction Analyses

    As the size of your retail network grows, the risk of fraud increases dramatically. With a large number of sales transactions occurring every minute, retailers need a rapid, reliable and non-disruptive method to identify and address potential threats. Thanks to fraud-avoidance and auditing tools in the Vynamic Insights suite, retailers can quickly automate daily store auditing and sales controlling.

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