The portfolio of optical readers is rounded off at the top end by the stationary, high-performance EL55 scanner, which reads articles with a range of almost 360°. Thanks to its high throughput and multicode capability it is able to handle all of the applications demanded of a stationary scanner. It is primarily used in self-service and wherever unpracticed persons need to scan items (temporary workers, self-scanning).

Features & Benefits

Two versions of the EL55 scanner are available: the EL5501/02 and EL5511/12 (scanners without and with the option of integrating scales, respectively). The EL5501/02 version can be integrated simply and ergonomically in checkout desks thanks to its compact size.


  • High throughput and multicode reading
  • Combination of horizontal and vertical scanning
  • Configurable and programmable by means of barcode control labels
  • Suitable for replacing all existing stationary scanners
  • Long-life window (sapphire glass, optional)
  • Low power consumption


Scanner versions


EL5501/02 EL5511/12

Dimensions when installed

EL5501/02 EL5511/12


Power from an external power supply unit


Barcode types

Optical data

Omnidirectional scanning

Environmental conditions

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