Diebold EL47 Handheld Scanner


The EL47 multicode laser distance scanner is distinguished by the flexible ways it can be used in department stores, service stations, drugstores, chemist’s, DIY stores and other retailing establishments. Its ergonomic shape and low weight enable fatigue-free operation.
Diebold EL47 Handheld Scanner

Features & Benefits

The EL47 handheld scanner is particularly suited for the following fields of application:

  • In food applications as an inexpensive alternative to stationary scanners
  • In applications where the point of sale is not suited for a stationary scanner
  • In applications where articles are unwieldy or cannot be passed over a stationary scanner
  • In applications where a reading distance (between the reader and barcode) of up to 25 cm is required.


System version


Power supply

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Barcode types




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