Optimize Your Connected Enterprise with Managed Mobility Services

Businesses and employees are becoming increasingly mobile, producing a large amount of valuable data via connected devices. Enterprise mobility offers a range of unprecedented opportunities, but creates challenges for IT departments if not managed properly. How can you maximize the impact of your mobile fleet while achieving real business value? Managed Mobility Services, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Service℠, provides central control of your entire network of mobile devices, tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reap the benefits of a network that functions flawlessly, with management, monitoring and analytics capabilities designed to optimize processes and drive growth.


"The initial investment in hardware, software and other mobile tools only represents 27% of total costs over the life of the product."

Source: TCO Models for Mobile Computing and Communications Platforms, VDC Research Group

Preventive Asset Management

When moving your business-critical operations to a dynamic mobile environment, keeping track of your devices and ensuring their flawless operation is key to success. Every device is different, with its own hardware and software configurations, operating system and user settings. Keeping hundreds or thousands of devices up-to-date and flawlessly working creates countless challenges. With Preventive Asset Management, Diebold Nixdorf controls your mobile devices and ensures that all devices have the correct settings and are ready to use – regardless of task, hardware type or operating system, at any location, anytime.

Proactive location control

Besides ensuring the flawless operation of unique configured devices in any location for any user, your IT department constantly faces a series of challenges to eliminate all potential failures which may occur during usage. How can you ensure – when having thousands of devices in different locations – that you have a real-time overview of all your devices? And are you able to act immediately, via remote action, when necessary? With Proactive Location Control, Diebold Nixdorf constantly monitors the usage and health data of your mobile devices and drives near-real-time actions that decrease the chance of possible failures.

Repair management

Your staff should not have to spend time on repairing broken devices via complex repair management processes that require heavy administration and logistic planning. If your mobile devices cannot be repaired remotely, local actions should be performed to get devices functioning again as fast as possible. Diebold Nixdorf's Repair Management (managed by our dedicated control room) covers all steps, from failure detection to when the device gets back to its user; configured and ready to use – without any extra effort from you.

Store intelligence

Store managers are frequently left with the option of basing their decisions on “guesses” or a “gut feeling.” The lack of comprehensive business data to make well-founded business decisions is the root cause. When it is the company’s future success at stake, many store managers find themselves searching for a better way. Store Intelligence enables you to make data-driven decisions, by providing real-time insights, trends and forecasts, removing the need to make guesses or estimates about business operations.


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