Blog: Retailers: How Well Are You Using the Most Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal?

May 18, 2017  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

One of the greatest tools for driving connected commerce is probably sitting within five feet of you right now – in fact, you might even be reading this blog on it.

Of course, I’m talking about smartphones – one of the most accessible, ubiquitous methods retailers have to connect with their customers digitally and physically. Here’s the thing: While it may seem like a purely digital tool, the reality is that mobile accessibility can drive better engagement with customers in the store as well.

A new special report from BRP, “The Mobile World of Retail,” explores the growing trend of mobile in the brick-and-mortar retail experience. “Retailers now have opportunities to guide customers to areas of the store that should be of interest to them based on their preferences, purchase history, and environmental factors such as weather and store location,” the authors explain. “If a customer normally shops at a store in the Northeast but is in Florida, the software may assume they are on vacation and offer them a coupon targeting relevant merchandise.”

Connecting with customers through mobile devices is paramount. The study, which polled major North American retailers, found that their top three customer engagement priorities utilize mobile devices in some form.

Additionally, nearly half of the organizations polled said they are already arming their employees with mobile tools, and nearly one in three have implemented some form of mobile point of sale (POS). The study notes that there is significant room to grow, however.

“While 49% of retailers are using mobile customer engagement solutions for associates, 73% of those retailers feel that it needs improvement. Mobile customer engagement is still an emerging area that needs refinement.”

No matter how big or small your retail network, mobile tools and smartphone capabilities cannot be ignored. In fact, small retailers may find they have opportunities to leapfrog over their larger, more complex counterparts, with modern POS technology that uniquely fits their needs..

How can you harness the power of mobile in your retail network? Let’s discuss the right tools for your organization.

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