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Blog: Our Mobile Shopping Innovations Are Headed To EuroCIS

February 21, 2018  |  REINT JAN HOLTERMAN

While retailers plan all year for the holiday season, the first few months of the year are always the “busy season” for us – we recently wrapped up NRF’s Big Show in New York, we were present at the NGA Show last week, and now we’re prepping for EuroCIS in Dusseldorf.

EuroCIS is the leading trade fair for retail technology. This fair provides a great snapshot of what is happening in the fast-moving retail technology world. Over 11,000 visitors from countries all over the world will be present in Düsseldorf, Germany next week to interact around this year’s theme: “Technology never sleeps.” Diebold Nixdorf will be present, too, explaining how we can serve retailers who want to innovate their shopping journeys and improve consumer experiences.

In a previous blog, I took a look at how we’re working with retailers to enhance consumer experience and loyalty. One tool that helps retailers quickly and seamlessly drive those initiatives in-store is Vynamic™ Mobile Shopper, which we debuted at NRF and will showcase at EuroCIS. This new software provides retailers with mobile self-scanning capabilities for both retailer-owned devices and consumer smartphones. It seamlessly connects the in-store shopping experience to a consumer’s handheld device, enabling innovative new ways for retailers to personalize the shopping experience.

A More Personalized Shopping Trip

Shoppers expect higher levels of personalization than ever before, thanks to websites that recognize them on the landing page and offer customized related offerings while they shop. Vynamic Mobile Shopper brings that level of customization into the brick-and-mortar environment, empowering consumers to use their mobile phone as a powerful tool throughout the journey:

  • Shoppers can scan their loyalty card into the app
  • Upload and update shopping lists digitally
  • Scan and bag their own items while shopping (using their own smartphone for quick purchases or a store’s provided self-scanning tool for longer shopping journeys)
  • Pay and go without having to stand in a checkout line

Because consumers are connecting into your network via their individual profile, you can see in real time who is shopping, what’s in their basket, what is on their shopping list, the value of the items in the basket, even where they are in the store! That means you can deliver completely personalized promotions while consumers are shopping, alleviate the time consumers (and staff!) must spend checking out, gain real-time insights into consumer behavior and shopping patterns in-store, and harness smart algorithms that can help you avoid shrinkage. And last but not least, as we discussed in a previous article about mobile self-scanning, research shows that retailers should expect to see an increase in average basket value of approximately 10% (!). Combined with efficiency gains in other areas like checkout, stock taking and queue busting, Vynamic Mobile Shopper will genuinely improve bottom-line results of retailers.

Our Director of Mobile Solutions, Matthijs Kneppers, demoed Vynamic Mobile Shopper at NRF:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For consumers who are growing increasingly familiar with store apps and loyalty programs, this type of end-to-end experience is a natural next step, one that makes them feel like a premium customer because they’re recognized and served in a more customized manner. They’re receiving relevant offers (like a suggestion for a discounted bottle of wine that would pair well with the pasta in their shopping cart) and real-time discount information for BOGO promotions (e.g. add another bottle of soda to your basket and save 50% in total) and can move through the checkout line up to five times faster.

Welcome to the Storevolution

Vynamic Mobile Shopper is one way we’re helping retailers drive a Storevolution – revolutionizing the in-store experience and creating a next-level retail journey that fits the changing retail environment. The Storevolution approach is informed by current and emerging retail trends, from personalization to new shopper journeys, self-service innovation, checkout evolution, increased mobility, IoT enablement in-store, holistic payment methods, etc. Our philosophy is based on four key cornerstones:

  • Consumer centricity, based on smart data to enable a ‘store-for-one’;
  • Store digitalization, by allowing retailers to implement new journeys and touchpoints;
  • High connectivity, using an ‘open retailing’ approach to integrate consumer touchpoints in the existing retail environment;
  • Store-as-a-service, ensuring consumers’ journeys are ‘always on’ and secured.

Through software innovations such as Vynamic Engage and Vynamic Mobile Shopper, we’re helping our clients bring these strategic initiatives to life in their brick-and-mortar stores. At EuroCIS, our retail experts in software, systems and services will be on hand to discuss how, through the Storevolution approach, we’re enabling a more seamless, holistic and flexible shopping experience that benefits both consumers and retailers.

Meet us at the EuroCIS show (Hall 9, booth #C26) to talk about how our Vynamic software suite could transform your business, whether through click-and-collect, scan-and-go, mobile shopping, queue busting, assisted selling, price management or any number of other customized solutions that make sense for your unique organization.


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