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Blog: Creating Integrated, Transformative Self-Service Retail Solutions

November 27, 2017  |  CARL VON SYDOW

The retail industry has been defined and shaped by consumers’ desire to choose – malls and “big-box” stores were built on the very premise of endless choices. As retailers have introduced more options, consumers have responded by embracing the new – and keeping the old. Today’s shoppers fully expect to skip seamlessly between a store’s physical and digital channels as they travel on their shopping journey, and they crave an experience that fits their individualized needs.

There’s one area, though, that has managed to buck this trend: Checkout. Unless you’re at a grocery store, purchasing an item in-store still usually means walking up to a cashier and conducting the transaction at a cash register.

As digital enablement and omnichannel solutions continue to revolutionize the industry, the checkout process is getting a makeover too. Today, “self-checkout” looks more and more like “self-service,” as I noted in a previous post. From my perspective, this trend creates some fresh challenges for retailers – but some excellent opportunities as well.

In a recent survey, PwC asked retailers, “What is the greatest challenge you face in providing an omnichannel experience for your customer?”

I bet you can guess what topped the list …

  1. (30%) pointed to budget constraints.
  2. (21%) said they had too many legacy systems to even think about making a change.
  3. (20%) felt it would be too difficult to integrate new systems into their existing systems.

Nearly half of respondents were most concerned with their legacy systems.

We developed our hardware and software solutions to address that concern. We meet with many small- and medium-size retailers who are using older POS systems – and we recognize that upgrading an entire system often just isn’t possible. Our TPiSCAN platform is a marriage between current legacy software and modern POS tools, so you don’t need to completely replace or even overhaul your current software infrastructure. It’s how we turn a big roadblock into a bridge. And for your customers, it means you can offer a modern experience layered on top of software you already have.

We’re here to help you prepare for the future of retail, from industry-leading SCO terminals to kiosks and mobile self-checkout tools. Let’s talk about how to make the most of your strategic roadmap.

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