PAC White Paper | Today’s Retail Challenges

From omnichannel, service innovation and the IT balancing act, this white paper, produced in conjunction with PAC, explores the changing face of the global retail industry. It highlights four key industry trends that are driving a major transformation in the way that retail organizations source and deliver technologies. The paper also includes an independent industry analyst view and assessment of Diebold Nixdorf and its key offerings.



  • More about the changing face, upheaval and challenges in the global retail sector.
  • How to deliver seamless consumer experiences by looking at omnichannel engagement, new delivery models and driving innovation at the store level.
  • Where to draw the line between “core” operations and what could be more efficiently handled by third-party partners.
  • How Diebold Nixdorf solved business challenges for two major global retailers.


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Founded in 1976, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is part of CXP Group, a leading independent European research and consulting firm for the software, IT services and digital transformation industry.

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