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We’re a global company with a local presence. In our “always on” world, we’re shaping the future of transactions, so while our solutions are driven by universal themes, they come to life through unique regional collaborations with our customers. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, our team includes experts throughout more than 55 countries, all working to make your business run more efficiently and help you deepen relationships with your consumers. 

As the world leader in connected commerce, our organization has the breadth, scale and expertise to deliver the right solutions, at the right times, in the right place. 


We are a services-led organization, supported by more than 17,000 local service professionals across the globe, who work strategically with you to offer insight, innovations and solutions through every interaction. Our holistic approach to your organization’s operational excellence, paired with an end-to-end suite of service offerings, is shaped by the desire to drive cost savings and process improvements at every step of the way. We view our relationship with our customers as a true partnership that goes far beyond a vendor engagement, and we support your organization’s individual strategic objectives with services that range from analysis, consulting and installation to monitoring, maintenance and multi-vendor solutions.

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Software is the heart of your business – and we are the only true multi-vendor service provider, bridging the physical and digital worlds of currency and payments – as well as consumer-related processes – in a constantly evolving omnichannel environment. Our self-service and retail solutions transform the user experience with rich operational suites and value-added functionality built around your needs, and your consumers’ needs. No matter where you are on your transformation journey, our organization has a strategy and a solution that will flex and fit to meet you where you are today, and help you get to where you want to be tomorrow.

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The way people use self-service technology is changing; we’ll make sure you’re at the forefront of the evolution. The innovations and functionality behind terminals, kiosks, POS and mobile devices are converging to offer consumers more seamless, intuitive options for accessing their money. The combined R&D strength of our organization enables our innovation and incubation teams to design and iterate more proofs of concept, with an even bolder, more customer- and consumer-focused approach to building solutions that fit industry needs.

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