Diebold Nixdorf CS 4080

Diebold Nixdorf CS 4080

Lobby cash recycler with options for bundle check and cash deposit, passbook printing, statement printing and coin dispense. Mass coin deposit feature available. A part of our Cash Cycle Management™ Solutions portfolio which optimizes the cash-replenishment cycle.

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Features & Benefits


  • Lobby front-load or rear-load cash recycler
  • Freestanding, partly integrated, fully integrated, window frame

Media Technology

RM3 recycling module 

  • Cassettes
    • 3+1 (3 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassettes)
    • 4+1 (4 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassettes)
  • Recycles up to 4 denominations
  • Scalable cassette concept (Large 300 mm, small 200 mm)
  • Deposit/withdrawal of up to 300 notes in bundles
  • Foreign object detection
  • Transport speed: maximum 10 banknotes per second
    for deposits/dispenses 

Cash Cassettes

  • Up to 5 cassettes
  • CCMS ready with E2E cassettes
  • Multipurpose cassette with up to 3 compartments
  • Separate cassette for counterfeit notes
  • Fill-level indicator
  • Scalable cassette concept

Banknote recognition

  • Banknote validation as per ECB framework
  • Processes up to 120 denominations simultaneously 

CCDM (Cash/Check Deposit Module)

  • Bundle deposit up to 50 notes/checks
  • Metal detection
  • MICR and OCR recognition
  • Banknote validation in compliance with ECB Article 6
  • Options: Fit/unfit test
  • Maximum fill level per cassette: 215 mm
  • Separate compartment for counterfeit notes/retracts

Enhanced Security

  • Consumer awareness mirrors
  • Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA Stick
  • Anti-card-trapping functionality
  • Anti-manipulation card slot


  • Encrypting PIN Pad
  • Optical Security Guard (OSG)
  • Secure channel


Width: 790 mm (31-1/9 inches)

Height: 1556 mm (61.26 inches)

Depth: 1022 mm (40-1/4 inches)

The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.
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