Vynamic™ Transaction Automation

The Freedom To Go “Off the Rails”


For decades, financial institutions have been locked into interchange processes that incur a fee for each ATM transaction conducted
on the ATM rails. Because there was no simple method of determining an on-us vs. off-us consumer, there were very few options. Until Now.



Vynamic Transaction Automation brings true teller capabilities to the ATM. When the terminal detects an on-us consumer,
it processes the transaction directly to the core backend system. See what else it can do:

The Vynamic Transaction Automation Spectrum


Whether your consumers conduct their transaction completely on their own, from start to finish, or they require
assistance from your staff, Vynamic Transaction enables a seamless, intuitive experience by connecting to your core system.



  • Advanced “On-Us” Transactions

    Leverage existing branch systems to decrease transaction cost, while increasing on-us customer service.

  • Pre-Staged Transactions

    Empower on-us consumers to “pre-stage” their ATM transactions via mobile or digital channels.

  • Transaction Override

    Enable local or remote assistance, either through a tablet or video concierge, to quickly approve an on-us consumer session in real-time.

  • Cardless Authentication

    Use the self-service channel without a card, by enabling authentication for on-us consumers via two-way video.

With Vynamic Transaction Automation you can also deliver additional
features to provide an even more positive user experience:

  • Preferences

    Let consumers decide what they want (and how) with consumer-defined transaction flows.

  • eReceipts

    Go digital with email and text message transaction receipts customized with marketing messages.

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