Vynamic™ View

Monitor. Automate. Optimize. 

Today’s consumers expect “anytime, anywhere” access to the self-service channel, leaving financial institutions
with the challenge of optimizing availability without driving up costs. For many FIs, this challenge can quickly become
overwhelming. With end-to-end management and remote-resolution capability, Vynamic™ View delivers consistent,
reliable operation across any size fleet, and not just ATMs.

  • Availability Monitoring

    Receive remote status updates and notifications for real-time problem detection.

  • Incident Reporting

    Automate the ticketing process and track service calls.

  • Software Deployment

    Automate software distribution and schedule software updates.

  • Log & Journal File Handling

    Efficiently collect, store and retrieve log files in near real-time.

  • Inventory Management

    Automatically collect and report on installed software, firmware and hardware of any monitored device.

  • Security Monitoring

    Detect if a device or transaction could potentially be fraudulent.

  • Business Intelligence

    Leverage data from events throughout the fleet for analysis and optimization of business priorities.



Because every business is unique, Vynamic View was designed to be highly flexible. With a ”think big, start small” philosophy,
we collaborate with you to determine the perfect path to build the operations according to your organization’s individual priorities.

Each module provides one more piece toward building a network with full “Availability of Things.” Your organization can build on
the monitoring capabilities, using reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) to ensure that the software installed in your devices is
up to date, pull more insightful information on the fleet components and drive a more comprehensive operation. 

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