Vynamic™ Cash Management

Achieve Optimal Demand-based Replenishment Intervals and Volumes with Cash Cycle Optimizer (CCO).  

Many retail and financial institutions rely on relatively simple tools for planning their complex daily cash management operations. Today we use modern apps for many functions, but most in-house cash management tools are based on Excel® spreadsheets. While such tools are inexpensive to build, they increase your overall cost of managing your cash. CCO is proven software technology that can provide a minimum savings of 15% from your current cash costs.



With CCO, you can achieve optimal demand-based replenishment intervals and volumes in self-service systems across branch
and store networks, including cash recycling systems, ATMs, automated teller safes and petty cash. With a modular architecture that is strictly aligned with cash management processes, CCO has just the right software module for you:

  • CCO/Basis

    Achieves optimal coordination of all your cash point service orders – whether they are triggered centrally or decentrally; and executed by external transport companies or by the branches themselves through restocking.

  • CCO/Tracking

    Works with GS1 standards for the clear identification of shipping units, locations and products.

  • CCO/CashEDI (Cash Electronic Data Interchange)

    Electronically exchanges data for cash orders and deposit notifications and tracks the status of all orders as well as the corresponding deliveries with respect to central bank orders at any given time.

  • CCO/LiveInventories

    Provides live-data processing of your ATM devices through intraday turnover profiles and enhanced planning precision.

  • CCO/Transport

    Supports tour management with the objective of reducing required peak capacities and automating transport documentation.

  • CCO/Planner

    Forecasts and optimally plans all service call-outs and order quantities in the cash point network automatically.

  • CCO/CashCenter

    Uses dedicated algorithms and workflows to support commissioning and central cash ordering processes at the cash center.

  • CCO/Syncro

    Synchronizes several cash services for multiple cash points at sites or branches.

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