Vynamic™ Security

Intrusion Protection


Cybercrime is a very real and serious problem, as hacking, viruses and more insidious technologies continue to emerge.
In fact, some of the latest, most effective incidents are data attacks and logical attacks. These attacks are a growing threat to
unattended self-service terminals, even if they are less visible than physical security breaches.


Intrusion Protection safeguards your ATM from malware of all kinds, from
viruses, worms and Trojans to emerging and evolving threats.


  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection

    Provides effective, state-of-the-art protection against known and unknown threats, including zero-day attacks on networked, unattended terminals in the financial and retail sectors.

  • Application Behavior Whitelisting

    Establishes a rule set that goes beyond “what is allowed to be performed” (whitelisting), using modern sandboxing techniques to consider “when and where” actions may be performed in terms of specific privileges and behavioral patterns.

  • USB Whitelisting

    Protects real-time against unauthorized usage of USB devices such as thumb drives, hard-drives and other devices.

  • System Integrity

    Ensures that the integrity of the runtime environment is upheld, including BIOS, registry, scripts and files, and blocks execution of applications if a file integrity check fails.

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