Vynamic™ Security | Fraud Detection

Through a strategic alliance with ThetaRay, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) fintech, we’re harnessing the power of
machine learning and big data analytics to thwart unknown threats, enhance our risk detection capabilities, strengthen
our end-to-end security portfolio and combat financial crime around the globe. 


Multi-Channel Fraud Detection
Fraud is one of the most impactful problems the financial sector
faces, expressed in hard costs, reputational damage and reduced
consumer loyalty. Our solutions allow us to:

  • Detect unknown fraudulent activity.
  • Detect behavioral changes.
  • Detect fraud that slips under industry thresholds.
  • Enhance existing legacy controls.


ATM Security
Wherever there are ATMs, there is also the threat of crime. Criminals are ready to take advantage of ATMs’ unmanned hardware and open-standardized software architecture to exploit vulnerabilities and loopholes in security processes, management and monitoring. We can help you:

  • Detect operational malfunctions and potential security breaches.
  • Recognize ATM and account behavioral changes.
  • Discover data integration issues.
  • Identify new consumer enhancement opportunities.

Anti-Money Laundering
BSA-AML regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent with time, while criminals step up evasion schemes and diversify the channels they abuse. Our solutions allow us to:

  • Detect sophisticated money laundering transactions and suspicious activities.
  • Deliver high-accuracy detection and low false-positive rates.
  • Cut overall costs, workload, and time commitment for financial institutions to review and investigate fraud.
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