Modular Vault Systems

Modular Vault Systems

  • Modular Vaults

    Our UL-Listed concrete modular vaults are lighter and thinner than site-poured walls, making them ideal for locations with strict weight and size requirements.

  • Titan® Class I & II Vault Doors

    Titan® Vault Doors are manufactured for unparalleled strength using Diebold Nixdorf-formulated, fibrous concrete compounds and interlocking steel reinforcement.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes

    Our safe deposit boxes feature UL-Listed changeable locks and interlocking modular components allowing for numerous vault configurations and complete security.

  • Day Gates

    Day gates use a standard key locking lever style handle on the outside and just a lever handle on the inside with no keylock.

  • Electronic Vault Attendant II

    The Electronic Vault Attendant (EVA) II is a cutting-edge, self-service controlled vault access and safe deposit box management solution.

  • Safe Deposit (SD) Verification

    Our automated biometric password solution assists in verifying/identifying safe deposit box customers and eliminates the need for manually maintained signature cards.

  • Vault Security Lockers

    Bring security and flexibility to your operation with Diebold Nixdorf security lockers.

The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.
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