Smart Deposit Safe

Smart Deposit Safe

The Smart Deposit Safe is an intelligent-deposit safe designed to manage large volumes of cash quickly and correctly, so you can mitigate the costs and risks associated with handling cash.

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Features & Benefits


  • Quick end-of day balance means employees won’t waste
    time researching adjustments when counted cash and
    reported receipts don’t match
  • Smooth and timely deployment of systems throughout
    your store/premises network
  • Increased staff safety. Physical trips to the bank are
    minimized or eliminated, which reduces fraud and
    employee’s potential of being robbed
  • Better use of staff time. Managers who once counted cash
    can provide value to their employees by assisting employees
    or customers on the store floor


  1. Bill acceptor
  2. Electronic lock
  3. Safe (inside)
  4. Touchscreen
  5. Receipt-Printer


  • Operating System: Linux/Debian
  • Application: BeSafe
  • Multi-client feature: Deposit multiple users to different
    cost centers
  • Reporting: local and decentralized reports available
  • Connection: Remote monitoring included
  • Updates: locally and/or remotely (online)


Tailored services enable efficient deployment of solutions
and the highest possible system availability and security
based on the Diebold Nixdorf eServices Platform:

  • Global Deployment and Implementation Services:
    installation and integration into existing environments
  • Maintenance Services: fast Recovery and Security Services
  • Managed Services: Store Lifecycle Management,
    Transformational Outsourcing, Consulting Services




  • Cash Automation in cash office and at checkout

Flexible and Adapted

  • Different variations for an automated Note deposit-solution
    • with a Note cassette (Capacity: 1200 Notes)
    • with a Note cassette (Capacity: 2200 Notes)

Automatic Note Processing

  • Deposit of single bills or bundles of bills
  • High acceptance rate > 98%
  • Dimensions of accepted banknotes:
    Width 62–85mm, Length 120–177mm
  • Safe’s bill accepter reads the bills amount and scans
    it to detect counterfeits
  • Note Tray Capacity: 30 notes (depending on quality
    and paper thickness)
  • Integrated rejected note tray


Width: 3500 mm (13.7 inches

Height: 6850 mm (26.7 inches

Depth: 65000–6500 mm (19.5–25.4 inches)


  • Note Collect Light Standard-Size-Variation 90 kg (198 lbs)
The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.
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