MasterGard® Elite Composite Safes

MasterGard® Elite Composite Safes

The sophisticated MasterGard® Elite safes are made of composite, allowing for reduced weight, high strength and superior protection from physical attack.

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  • The Diebold MasterGard is a composite
    safe that is comprised of a composite
    material surrounded by an inner and
    outer jacket of steel plates. This design
    provides maximum protection while
    offering lower shipping weights than
    most composite designs.
  • The two-hour 350°manufacturer’s fire
    protection label documents that paper
    inside the unit has successfully withstood
    external temperatures up to 1,850
    degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.
  • Doors are secured by massive chromed
    locking bolts which are hand activated
    and seat into individual secure bolt cups.


  • Protection Ratings: The Underwriter’s
    Laboratories TL-30 label assures that
    the MasterGard design and locking
    system have passed a 30-minute timed
    performance test for burglar resistance.
  • All MasterGard units are designed to
    resist forced-entry attacks. The handles
    are designed to shear or break off when
    the door is closed and an attack is in
  • Select models have been specifically
    designed for Safe Deposit Box
    installation, and Standard Safe Interior


  • Dual auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device,
    activated by a punching attack.
  • Locks and relocker protected by a large drill-shattering
    hard plate.
  • High strength steel hinges with vertical adjustment.
  • Electronic combination lock offering over a million


The MasterGard is designed for flexible interior
organization. A wide variety of options are available
including lockable storage compartments for bulk
items, cash trays, teller lockers, and safe deposit boxes
on certain models.


  • Choice of electronic alarm packages, from single
    door contact to full alarm packages with heat, sound,
    and seismic detection.
  • Key-locking handles for flexible day-time protection.
  • Wide range of color options.
  • Adjustable, and or fixed welded shelf systems.
  • A wide variety of mechanical and electronic locks,
    some capable of IP Networking.

The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.
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