Security & Software Updates:
You Can’t Have One Without the Other.

Modern self-service networks have evolved into complex webs of hardware and software that can be nearly impossible for financial institutions to keep straight and view holistically. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you sift through the increasingly complex ATM ecosystem so you can stop asking yourself “Why are software security updates so difficult to manage?”

Inside, we'll cover ...



The industry’s most pressing security issues: We’ll explore how you can address regulations such as PCI compliance and tackle emerging global security threats like jackpotting without crushing your operational efficiency.  



Best practices for successful fleet management:
Find out how you can simplify processes, increase efficiency, and reduce the total cost of ownership.



Two distinct paths for managing your security and software updates: Explore DN tools and teams that can help you develop an ironclad security strategy built on flexibility, modular, integrated software, services and hardware to ensure your data—and your consumers—won’t be compromised.



If you don’t have the time, personnel or desire to stay on top of changing security standards, the latest threat vectors and time-sensitive updates, we can help. With enhanced visibility across the entire self-service fleet, from the smallest details to the biggest software updates, you can minimize the opportunities for attacks.


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