Branch Transformation in the Modern Era

The branch is still integral to banking. It’s essential to consumers, who appreciate the value of personalized service and continue
to rely on the branch for much more than cash dispensing. In spite of advancing automation and digitalization, the branch plays a
key role as a connector, providing the human interface and financial expertise consumers crave in our digitally driven, fast-paced
world. We can help ensure your branches are optimally positioned for the future of connected commerce.


Today, the Branch is Part of Something Larger. 


Today’s branch is not just a physical place your consumers enter to conduct a transaction. It is one important
touchpoint among a wide ecosystem of physical and digital channels, and a repository of touchpoints in its own
right, which must be seamlessly connected. 


  • Change the branch experience to foster stronger, deeper engagements.
  • Embrace strategic partnerships, such as integrated cash management solutions, retail cash network services or collaborations with fintech companies that can drive new innovations.
  • Become your consumers’ trusted advisor, and connect channels to help them better manage their financial affairs.
  • Integrate your physical and digital channels to deliver a banking experience that is convenient, individualized, secure and seamless across all layers and
    all devices.
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