Power your growth with electric vehicle charging stations

Consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has reached a tipping point. More EVs on the road means additional EV charging infrastructure and more EV charging stations that are as reliable, convenient and available as filling stations are today.

EV Charging

Adding charging stations to your parking lots near quick-serve restaurants, fuel stations, convenience stores and other types of retail outlets, will help you:

  • Bring more traffic to your store
  • Increase upsell and margins while your customers are completing a charge
  • Drive new subscriptions to your loyalty programs
  • Improve brand perception around sustainability
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction with your brand

EV charging stations are a high-growth market—and Diebold Nixdorf has the experience, global footprint and network to help you power your growth opportunities and sustainability goals wherever you are in the world. Managing already over 30,000 EV chargers globally today, Diebold Nixdorf is the preferred business partner for leading charger hardware manufacturers and charge point operators (CPOs).