Planning, installing, servicing and optimizing EV charging stations

With Diebold Nixdorf, you get an end-to-end solution, all managed by one business partner.

Our team of EV charging experts will support you with every step of planning, installing, servicing and optimizing your EV charging stations around the globe.


Our solution includes:

  • Consultancydefine the optimal EV charging solution that meets your specific business  needs and those of your customer
  • Hardwareselect, source and install your fleet of EV charging stations by partnering with the industry’s leading charger hardware providers for both AC and DC solutions, including Alfen, alpitronic and Compleo
  • Services: ensure optimal availability of your EV chargers through our global network of 11,000 specialized services technicians and 24/7 helpdesk. Combined with our strong spare parts logistics sourced from over 5,000 stocking locations worldwide, we can meet SLAs of 4 hours
  • Software: provide specific software solutions for loyalty management, security, payments handling and omnichannel retail, and integrate these with existing EV charging management software platforms