DN AllConnect Servicessm for EVSE Hardware Manufacturers

As the No. 1 EV charging service provider in Europe, our DN AllConnect Servicessm are proven to help hardware manufacturers focus on scaling their core business:

Helping you increase reliability of your charger equipment with our Global Service Desk. Our 24/7 Global Service Desk acts as a single point of contact for professional customer support. Intelligent knowledge management and streamlined incident-handling processes enable fast problem resolution, helping you achieve maximum station availability.


Providing you access to a global EV Charging technician workforce and spare parts logistics:

  • 4,300-plus certified service professionals and 1,200 stocking locations in Europe
  • 2,300-plus certified service professionals and 2,400 stocking locations in North America
  • 3,000-plus certified service professionals and 1,700 stocking locations in Asia-Pacific

Getting spare parts where and when you need them. Our Global Service Supply Chain and access to over 5,000 of stocking locations ensure fast provision of spare parts through intelligent forecasting and replenishment processes supporting the local service teams. We keep more than 2 million original spare parts in stock and provide state-of-the-art tools for transparent tracking of parts.


Optimizing your EV charger fleet with data-driven insights. Through our holistic view of machine data from different sources, we proactively spot and prevent 35% of all incidents before they occur. Our eServices Portal gives you access to dashboards, problem and knowledge management, service desk and support requests, and proactive monitoring alerts to make informed decisions.


We can also help you boost EV driver satisfaction and customer loyalty with a choice in payment methods, including credit cards, fleet cards, loyalty cards, vouchers, mobile payment and gift cards. You and your customers will enjoy a centralized platform, simplified onboarding, open APIs and SDKs, white label customization, PDPA simplified compliance, terminal management system and hardware independence.


Power your growth with an EV charging solution managed and serviced by Diebold Nixdorf as your single point of contact. No other business partner offers the same level of global support for electric vehicle charging manufacturers. Tap into us for service expertise and EV charging consultation.