EV Charging Consultancy, Hardware, Software and Services

Diebold Nixdorf provides businesses with end-to-end electric vehicle charging solutions from a single source. We take the worry and stress out of adding public charging stations by being there every step of the way with:

  • EV charging consulting. Based on our decades of experience and expertise in the self-service market, we provide EV charging consultancy to help you establish a solution that fits your needs and the needs of your customers, as well as meet your sustainability and net-zero carbon goals.
  • EV charging hardware. We help you select, source and install your fleet of charging stations, by partnering with the industry’s leading charger hardware providers for both AC and DC solutions, including Alfen, alpitronic and Compleo. This ensures you get the right charger hardware for your business from companies that share your values in terms of corporate responsibility and sustainability.
  • EV charging software solutions. We provide specific software solutions for loyalty management, security, payments handling and omnichannel retail, and integrate these with existing EV charging management software platforms. These solutions help boost customer loyalty and drive more revenues to your stores.
  • EV charging services. We support you to keep your EV charging stations up and running at all times with our 24/7 help desk and global network of 11,000 field technicians. Combined with our strong spare parts logistics sourced from over 5,000 stocking locations worldwide, we can meet SLAs of 4 hours.