Get End-To-End EV Charging Solutions for Charge Point Operators, Retailers, Fuel Stations, Restaurants and More

Get ahead of the competition by offering reliable and convenient electric vehicle charging to your customers and:

  • Improve customer experience. Customer will prioritize trusted brands for charging their electric vehicles—and the offering will positively impact brand perception around sustainability.
  • Improve customer loyalty. Electric vehicle owners will prioritize trusted brands who combine public EV charging with smart loyalty rewards programs.
  • Increase Revenues. Reliable and convenient charging has the potential to bring in more customers who will browse and make purchases while they wait.

For retailers, banks, hotels and more, adding public charging stations to existing parking lots will help you:

  • Drive subscriptions to loyalty programs.
  • Bring more traffic to your store.
  • Drive other purchases while your customers are completing a charge.

Charging stations are a high-growth market—and Diebold Nixdorf has the experience, global footprint and network to help you maximize your growth opportunities wherever you are in the world.