We are committed to making a difference for the environment and the global community.

Our focus on the planet, as part of our Planet, People and Performance program, includes our carbon footprint, green products and solutions, sustainable supply chain, waste and recycling management and water consumption and conservation. We are devoted to caring for our most treasured assets: our environment, the communities where we operate and our employees around the world. In analyzing our environmental footprint, our most meaningful opportunity for impact is in resource reduction of electricity, gas, water, waste and reducing greenhouse gasses (GHGs).

These initiatives are among our highest priorities as a company, and our 21,000 employees put these responsibilities into practice every day. Thanks to our collective efforts, we’re making strides – like reducing our carbon emissions by more than 6% in 2021 as part of our goal to move responsibly toward net zero emissions in the future. See our work in action in the video or read more below.

A Partner to Banking Customers

We provide integrated solutions for financial institutions of all sizes designed to help drive operational efficiencies, differentiate the consumer experience, grow revenue and manage risk. In 2020, we released our whitepaper for Sustainable Banking: A Guide to Taking Action, which outlines opportunities for financial institutions to drive positive environmental and social impacts through green operations and financial inclusion.

Reimagined Retail Products

We design products with sustainability in mind – reducing the waste and product weight; increasing ecofriendly and recycled materials/components to >90%; using energy-saving technologies like solid-state drives, 80 Plus/EPS 2.0 power supplies, system-powered interfaces for peripherals, and power-saving mobile processors; and using packaging with minimum plastic and >90% recycled paper.

Working Smarter with DN Software

Our AllConnect Data Engine software aggregates and analyzes data to identify potential impending failures and trigger service calls. It then prescribes the required fix, technician skill level, spare parts, and expected duration of the repair. These efforts allow us to reduce the number of trips our service technicians make to a customer location and plan our trips using the most fuel-efficient route while increasing efficiency and customer experience.

Reducing Emissions from Services

In some countries, our Service Fleet vehicles are outfitted with vehicle telematics, which monitors and controls fuel consumption, improves routing, and manages speeding and idling time. Teams receive reports and training to develop fuel-efficient driving behaviors. In one use case, our U.S. service fleet reduced carbon emissions by 1,449 metric tons. We’re working to expand the use of this tool around the world.

A Focus on Water Consumption

We regularly analyze the wastewater generated by our company to ensure it complies with all legal requirements and does not include any prohibited pollutants. We increased our internal efforts to capture water consumption information so we can establish a baseline and implement plans for reducing water consumption in 2022 and beyond.

Managing Our Data Centers

We work directly with our IT and colocation data center vendors to drive energy efficiency through our data center operations. Many of our colocation data center vendors have strong commitments to source 100% of their energy from renewable energy sources.

Sustainability Throughout Our Supply Chain

Environmentally sustainable materials are a top focus when it comes to our supply chain. These materials have a positive impact on our operational efficiency and benefit our customers. Direct material suppliers participate in our due diligence processes, perform similar due diligence on their own supply chains, and provide complete and accurate information when requested.

10+ Years of Product Recycling

For more than a decade, our global program ensures Banking and Retail products do not go to landfills. When a product is returned at the end of its life, we recycle and also re-use certain components, which reduces both waste and the number of materials needed to build new products.

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