Frictionless Staff Journeys

The creation of frictionless journeys for bank staff are an important part of banking transformation. While automation, digitization and omnichannel are part of the equation, transformation is not complete without also focusing on in-branch people and processes. Adjustments to staffing models and processes goes hand-in-hand with improvements to customer journeys—by equipping staff with relevant consumer data they become better advisors and can better serve the customer on their financial journey. Create seamless staff journeys - within the branch and your back office - through the right tools to ensure touchpoint availability and proactive customer engagement to support the overall goals of increasing sales and increasing operational efficiency.


increase in sales

"when a timely human response is made compared to a purely digital journey. Channel combination that includes human touchpoints tend to be most successful for sales conversations. "

Source: The balancing act: Omnichannel excellence in retail banking, McKinsey & Company, January 2019

Teller Assist

See how teller assist can enhance consumer experiences and help bridge physical and digital channels inside the branch.

Learn more about how the DN portfolio powers staff journeys.


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