Digital Banking Experience - paramount for easier, more engaging interactions

Embrace the mobile era. On the go consumers demand mobile and internet banking solutions as well as digital apps; the world has changed how consumers engage and interact for their financial needs. Always on and always connected means your consumers expect their banking experiences to be the same—always on anywhere.They don't want to think about channels but is your digital strategy ready for this mindset and built for an integrated ecosystem of delivering seamless and convenient financial solutions to your customers? Look for consumer-centric digital solutions and with an integrated delivery that makes channel convergence more cost effective and easier.

Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

From climate change to plastic straws, environmental issues have become an ubiquitous part of the global news cycle. Retail bankers may not be in the habit of offering consumers single-serving straws—but you still have many opportunities to drive positive environmental and social impact through green operations and financial inclusion.


Digital On-Boarding

On-boarding new customers is often still a manual and paper-intensive process in many countries and markets. Legal regulations may hinder FI's to digitize this process completely for mobile or internet banking. See what immense improvements Tatra banka of Slovakia achieved via a fully digital automated on-boarding solution.

Connect Your Brand's Mobile Banking App Directly with Your ATM Network

You have the power to enable seamless connections between your self-service channel and consumers’ devices. Vynamic Mobile is a next-generation mobile connectivity suite that offers you a modern, open approach to software middleware and APIs. Forget patches and bolts. Now you can deploy your software seamlessly across channels, to connect the dots and delight your consumers.

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