Inventory Manager

Near Real-time, Intelligent Reporting of Self-service Inventory Without A Site Visit.

78% of financial institutions (FIs) either track fleet assets manually, rely on hardware vendors or simply don’t have a good picture of their device inventory.* Today it costs more than ever to keep pace with needed technology updates. In this environment, the advantage of centralized terminal inventory reporting is clear. Enable better fleet investment decisions, more thorough audits, and optimal management of maintenance and upgrades.

Vynamic™ View Inventory Manager

DN Series

Vynamic™ View Inventory Manager delivers an unprecedented level of detailed information on software, hardware and peripherals critical to managing a self-service fleet.

Increase efficiencies with a centralized solution

Allows the collection and reporting of installed software, firmware and hardware.

Gather more intuitive, intelligent information

Drill deeper into reports to identify problems or update opportunities within the fleet.

Optimize maintenance and reduce costs

Plan channel maintenance and upgrades strategically, specifically for future investments.

Device lifecycle management

Tracks device lifecycle activities from the initial provisioning to deployment, ongoing maintenance and eventual end-of-life.

*Source: ATMarketplace: 2015 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends 


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