Incident Manager

Ensure Availability & The Highest Quality Service Levels on All Devices.

Availability and reliability are high priorities for operations teams around the globe. The true cost of a device being out of service goes far beyond the tangible expense of lost transactions (estimated at up to 10 cents per minute). The negative perceptions about an institution’s brand that could be conjured when consumers experience an out-of-service self-service terminal are also very real, and potentially significant. In the world of 24/7 technology, achieving beyond 99% availability has become the standard. Vynamic™ View Incident Manager reduces onsite resolution times, improves first-time fix rates, lowers the cost of ownership, and enhances the customer experience.

Vynamic™ View Incident Manager

DN Series

Vynamic™ View Incident Manager is an automatic service management system that ensures that when one of your devices goes down and an event ticket is generated, dispatch is notified— and that someone is on their way with the proper parts and skills to fix it fast.

Manages ticket handling

Tracks tickets throughout the whole incident lifecycle, from initial occurrence to service dispatching, incident resolution and closure.

Escalates any SLA violation

Automatically escalates and keeps record of any penalties due.

Recognizes recurring problems

Enables smart technology to recognize if a problem is reoccurring and needs additional service.

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