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Vynamic Digital delivers a unified, highly personalized experience across your digital ecosystem to improve consumer satisfaction, accelerate new feature adoption and lower the total cost of ownership. Tap into modular, flexible solutions that are configurable and easily integrate into your existing systems.

Bank Executive’s Strategies are Focused on Alternative ATM Access

New research from ATM Marketplace highlights how mobile pre-staging and fully contactless transaction capabilities have surged in popularity—nearly half of all executives whose organizations don’t offer them are planning to implement them over the next few years. This is a trend that will only continue to rise as consumers grow increasingly comfortable using their smartphones as personal assistants.

QR Codes

QR Codes — Changing the Consumer Experience in Banking

We recently conducted consumer interviews designed to analyze people’s experiences with contactless technologies, like QR codes and NFC. Results show consumers expect this technology incorporated into their ATM experiences.

Pre-Staged Withdrawals

Pre-Staged Withdrawals

Empower consumers to schedule withdrawals or prearranged payments to someone else.

Touchless Experience

Touchless Experiences

Enable consumers to drive ATM transactions directly from their mobile phones, using QR codes instead of needing to physically touch the ATM.

Small Business Deposits

Small-Business Deposits

Business owners can schedule deposits and authorize specific employees to make deposits using a one-time code.

Safer, More Secure: Modern Capabilities for the Way Your Consumers Want to Bank

Vynamic Digital ensures an experience that’s faster and more efficient, while enhancing security. Because there is no physical card in use, the risk of skimming is virtually eliminated, providing an extra layer of protection for your consumers. 


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