Transaction Automation

Core integration brings advanced transactions to your ATMs

Offer on-us consumers more teller-like transactions at the self-service channel by connecting to the core. Transaction Automation enables your ATMs to play a significant role in the branch of the future.


Enable New ATM Functionality

Integrate into your core backend systems and change the way your self-service channel handles “on us” customers: Give them special treatment and more advanced capabilities.


Bank Executive's Strategies are Focused on Alternative ATM Access

New research from ATM Marketplace highlights how mobile pre-staging and fully contactless transactions capabilities have surged in popularity - nearly half of all executives whose organizations don't offer them are planning to implement them over the next few years. This is a trend that will only continue to rise as consumers grow increasingly comfortable using their smartphones as personal assistants.


More Access. More Transactions. A Better Experience.

Your ATMs can tap into the power of the core, to authorize and process on-us credit and debit transactions that are typically handled by a teller.

Give consumers the ability to cash checks and access the deposits in real-time. Cash and check deposits can even be split among multiple accounts during a single transaction.

Empower consumers to pay their bills by transferring funds at the ATM, rather than requiring them to deposit cash into the ATM and initiate an online banking session.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance your customers’ experience by handling their ATM transaction disputes and questions quickly and accurately, with Claims Assist.

Offer greater flexibility. Consumers and businesses can use their mobile banking app to schedule bank transactions (withdrawals and deposits) for themselves or someone else to be activated at one of your terminals.

Automation Done Your Way

Designed for implementation at your pace ― deploy in-house, or as-a-service from the DN cloud ― removing the IT complexity and infrastructure.