Branch Lifecycle Management

“CONTINUALLY TRANSFORM AND STREAMLINE OPERATIONS Digitalization of the financial industry is proceeding rapidly. Simultaneously, falling profit margins are putting pressure on branch network operations. Financial institutions are challenged with the overwhelming task of transforming branches to drive efficiencies and operate at lower costs, while somehow maintaining and even nurturing consumer relationships. Branch Lifecycle Management, powered by Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services℠, provides a holistic, end-to-end suite of services, software and systems solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of modern financial institutions.


of consumers

"say they visit their bank branch at least once a month."

Source: CNBC, 2019

Branch Support

Manual monitoring and/or limited, intermittent help-desk support can cause huge problems for your network. Branch Support merges information from your self-service network and internal ICT (information and communications technology) systems into one central service desk – a single point of contact (SPOC) for all your questions. In addition to resolving incidents more quickly and efficiently, Branch Support provides on-site support and offers the ability to execute deployments, installations, moves, additions and changes. The service desk supports multi-vendor systems and software, monitors ICT systems, offers access to a world-leading knowledge database, provides remote resolution and manages additional suppliers.

Branch Operations

Is your ICT infrastructure getting too large or unwieldy to manage in-house? Branch Operations acts as a central point of responsibility to manage decentralized banking IT infrastructure, including central and branch server services, network services, workplace services, IT security services, end-user applications and branch applications. As a service integrator, we’ll partner with you to provide full branch ICT services, drive standardization and compliance, and manage your suppliers to ensure smooth IT-based business processes.

Branch Projects

Branch openings and closing are massive undertakings. Don’t let your internal staff get bogged down with these major projects. Our Branch Projects team works with key members of your staff to manage openings, renewal and transformation projects (including redesigns, modernization or a complete overhaul), closings and dismantling. Experienced project experts devote their full attention to your organization’s needs, and implement standardized, industry-tested processes and solutions that meet your budget and timeline, every time.



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