Case Study: A Five-Year Overnight Success

June 24, 2019 | DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Community banks face some big challenges. They have to remain relevant in the face of fierce competition while retaining the rich customer relationships they’ve built. Many FIs are looking for ways to modernize and transformation their branches to improve consumer expereinces, but success is not achieved by merely dropping in new technology. Together with the DN Advisory Services team, First Citizens National Bank came up with a phased approach to building out a long-term strategic plan that included branch redesigns, efficiency and revenue improvements, branch staffing changes and some new technology that could be replicated across their entire branch network.


First Citizen National Bank

" I believe the process is what made our transformation successful. We invested a tremendous amount of time, planning and forethought into the renovation. We were very methodical about each step of the process. And maybe it took us a little longer to get it done, but we did it the right way. It gave us the time to change the culture, shift the mindsets, gain acceptance of this project that’s going to really change the way our entire organization operates. If you don’t have the acceptance of a majority of your staff, then it’s not going to work. ”

— Judy Long, President and COO, First Citizens National Bank

The Green Village location is the busiest branch in their network, with on average more than 18,800 transactions per month. Through the implementation of teller cash automation technology and updating to a Universal Staffing Model, their cross-sell rates increased 50% and time spent moving money in and out of the vault decreased by more than 90%. Read the full story